HTC Evo 3D Screen Replacements & Repair Parts

If you have one of the new HTC EVO 3D smartphones, you have likely already gotten used to being able to see images in 3D. This means that if there is any damage done to your screen that interferes with your 3D viewing abilities, your first instinct might be to hurry and replace the entire phone. Instead of replacing the HTC EVO 3D, however, you can easily replace the LCD screen of this phone by ordering the replacement LCD screen for an HTC EVO 3D right here at RepairsUniverse. 

Or, if there has been some sort of damage done to your HTC EVO 3D that is preventing the touch screen from working properly (often due to a drop or other bump that causes damage to the interior workings of the phone), you may need to consider replacing the touch screen digitizer of your HTC EVO 3D. After all, what's the point of having a new incredible touch screen phone if it won't do what you need it to?

There are many different replacement parts available for the HTC EVO 3D that can keep you using your phone for a long time. Without having the high expense of replacing the entire phone, you can easily spend a fraction of the cost to replace the LCD screen or touch screen digitizer and use your phone like you did when you first bought it. In addition to screen replacement parts, RepairsUniverse offers flex cables, speakers, and replacement batteries so that you can always have your HTC EVO 3D working like brand new! Simply order the parts you need right here and we will ship them out within 24 hours of the placement of your order. 

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