HTC Incredible Droid LCD Screen Replacement - Sony Version

HTC Incredible Droid LCD Screen Replacement - Sony Version

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ITEM#: 3-G-0299


Our Price: $17.99

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Here we sell the HTC Incredible Droid LCD screen replacement display. This is the Samsung SONY screen. Have you recently dropped or knocked your HTC Droid Incredible phone? Do you now have a display that is no longer producing a viewable image? Have what looks like ink over the screen (LCD bleeding)? Or do you have dead pixels or other display issues? If so then this is the part you need. Repair your phone with this replacement part and make it like new again!

Complete with your order we included a safe opening pry tool for a quick and easily opening of your phone and also our installation guide put together by the Repairs Universe team to guide you through the repair process.

For tips on this assembly, reference our HTC Droid Incredible Repair Guide online.

Compatible with the following models:

  • HTC Droid Incredible


  • Brand new quality replacement part
  • Safe-opening tool to make opening the player easy.
  • Easy to follow installation guide by the Repairs Universe team.


Note: Currently there are two different types of LCD screens for the Incredible Droid. Newer HTC Incredible Droid phones manufactured from Sept 2010 onwards have the SLCD (Sony), the older models have the AMOLED screens (Samsung). There are a few easy ways to tell which your phone is.

  1. Look under the battery of the device.
  2. Below the bluetooth and FC icon you will see "ADR6300VW."
  3. If you see a "3" at the end (ADR6300VW3) then it is SLCD.
    If you do not, then it is AMOLED.

Another way to tell see if your phone is SLCD or AMOLED is:

  1. Power up the phone in a pitch black room.
  2. If you see "light" coming from the black screen as it turns on, it is SLCD
  3. If there is no light until you see images, you have AMOLED.

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