iPad Screen Repair Take Apart Repair Guide

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This is a iPad repair guide that will walk you through all the steps required to fully disassemble and repair your tablet. Following this guide will insure a quick and safe repair is done, with specific instructions for replacing the glass touch screen digitizer and LCD screen. This video guide has been put together by the RepairsUniverse team.

This guide will help you to install the following Apple iPad parts:

Tools Required:

Apple iPad Screen Replacement Take Apart Guide:

We recommend fully watching the video before starting the repair, and then pausing / rewinding and reviewing when needed.

Removing the Touch Screen from Mid-Frame:

Simply reverse the instructions above to reassemble your phone.

iPad Repair Guide Written Summary:

Following this written guide, in correlation to the video will insure proper instructions are given and a safe repair is made.

  • First step will be to pry between the metal frame and glass to release the metal clips using an iPad opening tool. Lift the screen up, enough to locate the large flex ribbon holding the screen in place. Use a safe pry tool to release the two jaw connectors and remove the large flex cable.
  • Open the iPad wider to locate the other flex cables holding the screen in place. Locate the second flex cable, to release it, simply pull the tab and gently slide it out. On the iPad 3G version you will have to release the antenna cable. Use a safe pry tool and pop it off.
  • Remove the screen and flip it over so you can remove the LCD screen from the touch screen digitizer. Use a Torx T3 screwdriver to remove the six screws holding the LCD screen in place. Ease off the flex cable, antenna flex (3G models) and black tape from the LCD screen. You can now remove the LCD screen from the touch screen and replace.


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