iPhone 5 Screen Repair & Take Apart Guide

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There was some interesting changes inside the iPhone 5 over previous models. On the day Apple released their latest phone to the world, Repairs Universe took it apart!!

Check out our iPhone 5 Take Apart videos below and see the cool stuff we found when taking apart Apple's newest creation!

iPhone 5 Full Take Apart Repair Video Guide:

The tech's at RepairsUniverse.com have completely taken apart our brand new iPhone 5. This video shows all the components in the new iPhone and shows how to replace various parts including the new larger screen, the battery, the camera, and the new smaller dock port. One thing for sure is there is a lot of screws to remove when you get down to the smaller internal parts, however it is quicker and easier to repair than the iPhone 4 and 4S, especially the screen. Thank you Apple for making this more repairable!

iPhone 5 Screen Repair Video:

Below is the iPhone 5 screen repair video. It's a much quicker and easier repair than on the previous iPhone 4 and 4S as the new iPhone 5 opens from the front instead of from the rear. This is great news as screen damage is the most common problem users encounter. The quicker and easier it is to repair the better!! Pat on the back for Apple for this one!



iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Video

This repair video shows how to replace the battery in the iPhone 5. Again quite a quick and simple repair for when your iPhone 5 battery starts to deteriorating over time.




iPhone 5 Written Teardown Guide:

  • The first step to taking apart the iPhone 5 will be to remove the 2 (two) iPhone Torx screws located on either side of the dock port as shown in figure 1.


Figure 1

  • With the dock screws removed, use a suction cup and pry tool to gently lift the screen from the device. Do this from the bottom as the top still has cables attached.
  • Once the screen is lifted, remove the 3 (three) small phillips screws (as shown in figure 2) holding the metal cover over the screeen asseemblies flex cable. With the metal cover removed, release the 3 (three) pop connectors and remove the screen.


Figure 2

  • The screen assembly can now be replaced.
  • To replace the battery, remove the two (2) small phillips screws as shown in figure 3. Once the screws are removed, use the clear pull tab to gently remove the battery from the device. Note it will be held in place with adhesive.


Figure 3

  • In order to proceed any further in the disassembly, you will need to eject and remove the sim card. Use a paper clip to press inside the hole next to the sim card tray for it to be relesased.
  • To remove the dock port you will need to remove the 7 (seven) small phillips screws located at the bottom of the device.You will now need to lift the flex cable running near the loud speaker away from the motherboard and release the 2 (two) connections located on the motherboard.Once the adhesive is released, you will be able to wiggle out the dock port and replace it.


Figure 4

  • To remove the motherboard we will need to remove all the screws shown in figure 5. There will aslo be 3 connections shown in orange that will need to be lifted. The green circle on figure 5 shows a screw needing a flat head to remove it. There will also be 2 (two) more of these on the lower section of the motherboard, near the dock port connector. Once all these have been removed, you can flip the motherboard to the left and remove 1 (one) more antena connector located on the underside of the motherboard. The logic board can then be fully removed.


Figure 5

  • To replace the main camera, remove the 2 (two) phillips screws holding the flex cable in place. You can then release both the connections and fully remove the camera.
  • If replacing the power button flex cable you will need to remove the 5 (five) screws located in figure 6. Once that is done, you will be able to release the adhesive holding the flex cable to the frame and replace.


Your iPhone 5 is now disassembled and you can replace the damaged part(s) with new one. Reverse the instructions above to reassemble your phone.


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