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Repairs Universe now offers various high tech toys and gadgets that can be controlled remotely through iOS and Android devices. This new technology makes operating such toys much more intriguing and exciting for anyone who enjoys remote controlled devices. Some of the toys include Zoomer Robot Dog, iCam Helicopter with Camera for iOS and Android, Sphero Robotic Ball, and other high quality and cutting edge toys!

One major advantage to toys and gadgets capable of being controlled by iOS or Android devices is that you will almost always have the remote with you! With no worry of buying batteries for a remote it makes things much more convenient. Additionally, for those kids born in the internet age they are sure to love toys like these due to their high tech capabilities. Stay ahead of the curve, and shop today for the newest toys and gadgets here at Repairs Universe!

My Friend Cayla
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When you decide to order any of these high tech toys from Repairs Universe we will be sure to securely package them as we know many of you may want to purchase these for gifts. We also have Priority and Express shipping available if you wish to expedite the shipping of your order, and ensure a prompt delivery especially for gifts for loved ones!

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