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RepairsUniverse offers professional repair services for today's popular smartphones and tablets.

No matter if you have a cracked screen, dead LCD display, broken speaker, damaged housing or back cover, or you need a new battery, don't risk doing the repair yourself and failing, or causing more damage to your phone or tablet, which will set you back, and end up costing you more time, money and hassle.

Our certified, professional repair technicians will do the repair for you - 100% guaranteed.

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S4, or just about any other smartphone or tablet, we'll take care of it for you, using only the highest quality, non-refurbished replacement parts

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Repair Step 1

Step 1: Contact us to order the repair service you are interested in.

If you have any questions about ordering the correct repair service please feel free to give us a call at 1-866-925-2350, Email us at, or hop on Live Chat with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Repair Step 2

Step 2: Send your device to us!

Shortly after your order is completed you will be emailed a link to our Repairs Universe Service Form. We kindly ask you to print and fill out the form and include it with your package. Packages that do not include this form may have a delayed processing time.

We HIGHLY suggest packing your device safely in a box and obtain insurance and tracking information. Repairs Universe is not responsible for any loss or damage occurred to your device during in-bound shipment

Package and Send your device to our facilities at this address:
975 American Pacific Drive
Suite 101A
Henderson, NV, 89014

Repair Step 3

Step 3: We Perform the Repair and ship your device back to you.

Upon receiving your device we will do a thorough diagnostic on your device and perform the requested service. If further parts or services are deemed necessary to complete your repair one of our Repair Technicians will contact you to discuss any additional further suggestions to get your device to new working condition.

Common Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does your repair service take?

Our professional technicians will usually have your device repaired and sent out within 24 - 48 hours from when we receive it during regular business hours. Once the service has been completed it will be dispatched by the shipping option you choose when ordering the repair. We understand that you need your device repaired as quick as possible so we make a big effort to do the repair as quick as possible whilst still ensuring a quality installation.

What if I need a repair that is not listed on your website?

We are constantly uploading new Repair Services to our site. If you are interested in having us do a repair that is not listed on our site then please Contact Us for a quote.

What payment methods do you accept?

We have several options available at checkout. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express and PayPal.

Where can I find your Repair Service Terms and Conditions?

A complete list of our Terms and Conditions can be found Here.

What if my phone has been Rooted or a Custom ROM?

We will use our best efforts to restore a phone to working order, but if you have a custom ROM or have rooted the device, sometimes new hardware may not be compatible.

Can I send you my device in pieces?

If your device has attempted to be repaired and is currently taken apart in pieces we cannot guarantee that the repair can be completed successfully.

If your device is currently in pieces please consult with one of our technicians first prior to ordering repair services.

Feel Free To Contact Us!

Please Contact Us with any Questions or Concerns about your repair. We are here to help! You can also call us at 1-866-925-2350, Chat with one of out Live Representatives, or email us at


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