Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair Guide

Learn how to take apart and repair a Samsung Galaxy S4 in order to replace faulty or damaged parts yourself This repair guide includes a video and detailed figures outlining screw and flex cable connections that will help you along the way when needing to replace the screen or other internal parts such as the speakers, cameras, sensor, battery, and more!

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Recommended Repair Tools:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair Video:

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • First step is to completely power down the device and remove the battery cover using the safe open pry tool
  • Remove the battery and SIM card and/or Micro SD card
  • Next you will need to remove 9 Phillips screws which are located in the image below

  • Using a safe pry tool, gently lift the speaker assembly from the retaining clips on the bottom of the device
  • Now we are ready to remove the front bezel. Slide your pry tool slowly around the perimeter to release the clips
  • It is now safe to remove the back housing
  • You will now need to release the 8 connections that are circled in the image below

  • Remove the metal shield that is covering the charging port
  • You can gently remove the charging port flex cable which is held in by a bit of adhesive
  • Remove the long antenna on the right side of the device
  • The motherboard is being held in by one small phillips screw, once removed the motherboard with camera can be removed
  • Once the motherboard has been removed, you can then start removing the vibrating motor, headphone jack, front facing camera, proximity sensor and the earpiece speaker

Reverse the above instructions to reassemble your phone

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