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Microsoft Zune 30GB ZIF Hard Drive Cable
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In 2006 the first Zune was introduced, and it made a huge splash the moment it hit the scene. Not only did the Zune allow you to listen to the music you loved almost anywhere, but it also gave you instant access to FM radio waves, and that was a great plus for many people. Now the Zune is easily one of the top MP3 players available these days, and it comes in a variety of colors. The 30GB is often one of the more popular versions of the Zune, due to the amount of music it can store and the price of it.

At Repairs Universe, we carry a number of different Zune parts to help you keep your Zune in great shape or to fix it if it isn't. These parts include a replacement hard drive disk, a dock port cover, a protective plate, replacement screws, a replacement display, and even a motherboard replacement. We have everything you need for your 30GB Zune. And if you have trouble selecting a part, just speak with one of our operators via our Live Chat option or drop us an email. This can help you to make sure that you get the right part every time.

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