Amazon Kindle Micro USB Transfer Cable

Amazon Kindle Micro USB Transfer Cable

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ITEM#: 8-W-0280f


Our Price: $9.99

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If you have an Amazon Kindle, the micro USB transfer cable is an important part of the device. The transfer cable for an Amazon Kindle offers you the quick ability to transfer information between the device and a computer, ensuring you have all the books you want on your Kindle whenever you want them. If you lose your Kindle micro USB transfer cable, however, you won't be able to transfer the information the way you want. The same is true for a broken or otherwise nonworking Amazon Kindle USB transfer cable. Not only will the ability to transfer information be lost, but by not having the Kindle transfer cable with you, you limit the ability to charge the device as well.  If you don't have a micro USB transfer cable for your Amazon Kindle, it is a small expense that can provide you with the ability to charge your device on any computer at any time. It also allows you to transfer information from your Amazon Kindle through the micro USB transfer cable to the computer or vice versa. This micro USB transfer cable for the Amazon Kindle can also be plugged into a car charger adapter or a wall charger adapter so you can easily charge your Kindle any way you like.

Compatible with the following models:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
  • Amazon Kindle


  • Fast shipping
  • Brand new micro USB transfer cable
  • High quality
  • Transfers data and charges device
  • Affordable

This Amazon Kindle micro USB transfer cable is one of many chargers we have on hand here at RepairsUniverse. While this one allows you to charge your device and also transfer information, you can also find a charger that can be used without a computer by visiting our wide selection of chargers.

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