iPod Replacement Batteries and High Capacity Battery Parts

iPod replacement batteries for iTouch, Nano, Shuffle in stock, best price, ready to ship

Need a replacement or an extra high capacity iPod battery?

You know the signs as soon as you see them. Your iPod takes too long to charge, the battery life is getting shorter to the point that your battery barely stays charged like it used to. You probably need a new battery. At RepairsUniverse, we have the iPod battery part you need.

Are you looking for iPhone batteries, or iPod and iPhone Replacement Screens? Maybe you were looking for a battery replacement for another phone.

iPod Video 60GB / 80GB High Capacity Battery Replacement
Reg Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $9.99
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iPod Classic 6th Gen 160GB High Capacity Replacement Battery
Reg Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $7.98
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iPod Touch 2G Battery Replacement
Our Price: $8.99
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iPod Nano 6th Generation Battery Replacement
Reg Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $6.99
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You know the signs as soon as you see them. It takes forever to charge, then you can barely make it through a video or a couple of songs before it crashes on your again and needs a recharge. It's time for an iPod replacement battery. With a great selection of iPod replacement batteries in stock now, we're ready to ship it today, along with the free detailed instruction guide, and a safe pry tool.

Each of our iPod replacement batteries is a high capacity model that comes with integrated power management circuits that helps to protect you from over-voltage or under-voltage conditions.

What's more, though, is that those same circuits help to maximize your battery life while you're using your iPod and minimize your charge times. You'll get better performance, and you won't need another battery again soon.

If you can't find the replacement battery you need for your iPod or you just need a bit of assistance, use our Live Help chat feature or drop us email.

As per IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations all batteries must ship via GROUND only. If you are located outside of the continental U.S., you will not be able to purchase or need to choose another shipping option, please remove any batteries from your shopping cart.
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