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HTC One S Loud Speaker Replacement
HTC One S Loud Speaker Replacement
HTC One S Loud Speaker Replacement
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The loud speaker on your HTC One S can easily become damaged, interfering with your ability to hear alarms, the ringer on your phone, and more. When this happens, you may be tempted to purchase an entirely new device, but this can be costly. Instead, consider purchasing this much more affordable HTC One S loud speaker to restore your phone. It is brand new, available in stock, and can allow you to use the loud speaker on your phone again just like you could when it was new.

We will include a free safe open pry tool with this HTC One S loud speaker to assist with the safe installation on your phone.


Watch our online HTC One S Repair Guide Video for more tips on fixing your device!

Compatible with the following models:

  • HTC One S


  • New loud speaker for the HTC One S
  • Highest quality available
  • Includes a safe open pry tool
  • Brand new
  • Fast shipping