Flex Cable Replacements

RepairsUniverse carries cellphone flex ribbon cable replacements for various smartphones like HTC, LOG and Motorola, and flex ribbons for music players like Zune and iPod as well. Use the image below to find the exact flex ribbon replacement you need, order easily with our checkout process and we'll ship it out to you the same day if you order before 4pm. All of our flex cables are factory-tested and quality approved. We do not sell refurbished parts.

Smartphone and Music Player Flex Ribbon Cables

The flex cables in smartphones are getting smaller and more complex with each generation. Due to many factors, such as environment and age, these flex ribbon cables become very brittle and fragile. While repairing you phone it is quite possible to damage these parts. Other issues such as water damage and display issues may also mean its time to replace the flex cables.

At RepairsUniverse we are constantly adding new flex cables because of their high demand and scarcity. We provide ribbon cables for many HTC, LG, and Samsung phones as well as iPod and Zune mp3 players.

On top of the great parts we provide, we also give you great take apart guides to insure safe disassembly and repair of your phone or music player. With a free safe pry tool with every part, you will have the right part, tool, and guide with RepairsUniverse. If problems arise during repair, you can always feel free to contact us. With our great tech support we will do the best we can do resolve any issues you may be having.

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