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Many people don't think about it until something happens, but the housing, frames and casing parts for cellphones, smartphones, and MP3 players - like the iPod and Microsoft Zune - are vital parts of your device. If your frame, mid-frame or housing part is damaged in some way - either cracked, melted, broken - chances are you're going to need a replacement part right away to keep your phone or MP3 player working properly. We have the part you need and ready to ship today.

Housing, Frame and Casing Repairs and Help

If you are not confident you can do the repair yourself, just choose the Repair Service option when you are completing your order.

Plus, if you're unsure of exactly what part you need (please refer to your phone or device manual), you can click the Live Help chat button or send us an email via our contact form. Please make sure if you do email us to tell us what is wrong with the phone, plus the phone maker and model. To get started, click the image of your device above to find the part you need.

Phone and Music Player Housing

Structural damage to your phone might seem like a huge headache, but imagine having all the replacement parts you would need to make you phone brand new right at your fingertips? Damaged back covers, front bezels, and chassis can now be easily replaced. Huge eyesores like broken or lost battery covers can now be made to look new again with our high quality housing kits.

Repairs Universe sells non-refurbished housing chassis for HTC, Zune, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPod. With our wide selection, you can order and repair only the parts that are damaged and need replacing.

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