HTC Flex Cable Replacements

With technology moving ever-faster, and HTC phones being offered in so many variations to fit our needs, it is easy to become dependent on these phones for managing our lives. Phone numbers, calendars, schedules, and more all often stored on HTC smartphones and when something goes wrong with the equipment, it makes it very difficult to live our daily lives until it is fixed. Thatís why Repairs Universe offers HTC replacement cables for every need you may possibly have. No matter what goes wrong with your HTC smartphone, there is a replacement cable that can help.

The HTC Incredible Droid Keyboard Flex Ribbon Cable Replacement is one such item. This type of replacement HTC cable can assist anyone who is having problems with their bottom buttons sticking on their phone.

HTC Evo Shift 4G Main Slide Flex Cable Replacement
Reg Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $7.99
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HTC One (M8) Charging Dock Port & Headphone Jack Assembly
Reg Price: $8.99
Sale Price: $5.99
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The HTC Aria Motherboard Flex Cable Replacement is yet another important replacement part for an HTC phone offered by Repairs Universe. This replacement part can assist anyone who has an HTC Aria that has a broken or otherwise damaged motherboard flex cable. Simply by ordering this replacement HTC cable, or any other cable you need, you can have a working-like-brand-new phone again instantly!

Of course, you donít want to damage your phone trying to replace the HTC cable, so every one of these cables offered by Repairs Universe includes a FREE open safe pry tool to allow for quick and easy disassembly without damaging the phone. Our HTC cables of all types are in stock, ready to ship the same day you order it, and are an affordable means of getting your phone back to great condition!

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