HTC Sensation 4G Loud Speaker Replacement

HTC Sensation 4G Loud Speaker Replacement

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ITEM#: 11-G-0165d


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If you have a faulty loud speaker on your HTC Sensation 4G, you may not hear your ringer, or you may be unable to control volume, and your media may not sound the way it should. To repair this situation, you can install this replacement loud speaker, which will enable you to hear your buzzer, ringer, speakerphone, and other audio the way you did when the phone was new. And for a much more affordable price than replacing the phone! 

When you order your replacement ear speaker for your HTC Sensation, you will receive a free safe open pry tool for assistance with installation.

Compatible with the following models:

  • HTC Sensation 4G


  • High quality loud speaker replacement
  • Brand new
  • Free safe open pry tool included
  • Fast shipping

Recommended Tools:

Check out our online Speaker Repair Guide for assistance with replacing HTC Sensation speakers!

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