iPad Pro 9.7" Microphone Flex Cable Replacement (WiFi)

iPad Pro 9.7" Microphone Flex Cable Replacement (WiFi)

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ITEM#: 9-AP-3209


Our Price: $12.99

Recommended Tools:
16 Piece Precision Repair Tool Kit
Our Price: $10.99
Red Double Sided Adhesive Tape - 2mm
Our Price: $5.99
Anti-Static Wrist Strap
Our Price: $3.99
Multi Purpose Heat Gun
Our Price: $27.99

This is the new iPad Pro 9.7” Microphone Flex Cable Replacement (WiFi). If you’re having trouble hearing people when they call you, this cable is most likely the reason why. The cable may have worn over time or been damaged from begin dropped too many times. This high-quality replacement includes the dual-microphones and with the help of our recommended 16-piece tool kit, you’ll have your iPad repaired in no time!

Here at RepairsUniverse, we have several high-quality iPad repair products and tools to aid you in any repair you may have now or in the future. With the purchase of this replacement, we will also include a free pry tool and adhesive strip to get you started!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our replacement products or the DIY repair itself, we have a live chat email support that will further assist you.


  • iPad Pro A1673 (Wi-Fi Only)


  • High quality iPad Pro 9.7" (Wi-Fi) Microphone
  • Includes the dual-microphones for the 9.7" iPad Pro
  • Replace if nobody can hear you when you're talking
  • Free Pry Tool and Adhesive Strip
  • Brand new

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