iPhone 7 Front Camera Replacement

iPhone 7 Front Camera Replacement

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ITEM#: 9-AP-3185


Our Price: $15.99

Recommended Tools:
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Our Price: $12.99
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This is the new iPhone 7 Front Camera Replacement. Have your selfies been coming out blurry or are you having trouble trying to facetime? If thatís the case, this replacement will get you back to having a 7MP HD front-facing camera to facetime your friends again. Included with this replacement, is the ambient light sensor to control your backlighting, as well the proximity sensor. With purchasing this replacement part today, youíll have your iPhone back to fully functioning once again!

Here at RepairsUniverse, we have several iPhone repair parts and tools to help you in DIY repairs you have now or maybe in the future. In fact, to help you get started on your repair, we will include a free pry tool and adhesive with your purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our repair tools or products, we have a live chat email support that will further assist you with any repair needs you may have.


  • Apple iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 A1660
  • iPhone 7 A1778
  • iPhone 7 A1779 (Japan)


  • High quality iPhone 7 Front-Facing Camera Assembly
  • Includes the 7 MP facetime HD front-facing camera and microphone
  • Also includes the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor
  • Free Pry Tool and Adhesive Strip
  • Brand new

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