iPhone 7 Plus Loudspeaker Replacement

iPhone 7 Plus Loudspeaker Replacement

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ITEM#: 9-AP-3202


Our Price: $4.99

Recommended Tools:
iPhone Deluxe Repair Tool Kit-Recommended
Our Price: $7.99
Anti-Static Wrist Strap
Our Price: $2.99

This is the new iPhone 7 Plus Loudspeaker Replacement! Dropped your phone lately and having trouble using your speakerphone or listening to music aloud? Maybe you dropped it too much, causing a muffling sound. If so, purchase this new loudspeaker replacement to repair your phone today!

We know if you usually have your hands full and prefer using the speakerphone during calls, you’d like to get your phone fixed sooner than later. Or even so, you love listening to music and want to hear your favorite playlists clearly again. So purchase today and have your phone fully functional once again! Included in your purchase is a free pry tool and adhesive strip to aid your DIY project.

If you have any questions regarding our replacement parts, ordering, or the DIY repair itself, we have a live chat email support that will further assist you!


  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7 Plus A1661
  • iPhone 7 Plus A1784
  • iPhone 7 Plus A1785 (Japan)


  • High quality iPhone 7 Plus Loudspeaker
  • Will fix any issues with the speakerphone or audio output
  • Fully tested large speaker replacement for the iPhone 7 Plus
  • Free Pry Tool and Adhesive Strip
  • Brand new

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