iPhone 4 Replacement Screens & Parts

Is your iPhone 4 LCD or touch screen cracked, smashed, or damaged? Maybe your iPhone 4 is not working properly because another part, such as the battery, home button or ear plug jack, is damaged? We have the iPhone 4 replacement parts and accessories you need in stock now and ready to ship fast.

Don't waste hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone just because it is damaged. You can fix your iPhone 4 with our parts and by using our repair guides and YouTube videos, such as the iPhone 4 take part video guide and the iPhone 4 replacement parts video, in addition to the printed iPhone 4 replacement guide. Both videos clearly show, step-by-step, how to safely take apart and repair your iPhone 4 yourself, saving you a bunch of money.

Plus, like so many of our customers, you definitely don't want to lose any or all of your contacts, playlists, videos, photos, calendars and other data as it is, or spend hours trying to reload whatever you can salvage onto a new phone. We aim to help save you money, inconvenience and hassle by providing everything you need to fix your iPhone 4 yourself.

All iPhone 4 parts listed below - such as replacement screens, back cover replacements, iPhone 4 batteries and chargers, power buttons, speakers and headphone parts, flex cable replacements - come with a free plastic pry tool to make fixing your iPhone even easier.

Shoppers choose RepairsUniverse, and come back again, because of our non-refurbished, quality parts, discounted accessories, friendly customer service, hundreds of repair videos, low prices, special deals and fast shipping.

RepairsUniverse tests all of its parts to ensure quality. We sell non-refurbished parts only. We make sure you have everything you need to repair your iPhone 4 at home, keep all of your data and save money.

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