Is Your iPod Touch Screen Cracked? Don't Panic!

After spending so much money, you finally have that iPod Touch that you so desperately wanted. Now you can do many of the same things as your friends as you enjoy your newly obtained device. With a device like an iTouch, people tend to be much more careful to ensure that it doesn't break. A basic cell phone is one thing, an iTouch is another. But no one is perfect; one day a quick slip of the hand can mean your iPod Touch Screen is cracked.on the floor. That once glossy iPod Touch glass screen is now broken and resembles something more like a spider web.

This scenario is not uncommon. The problem is that when it happens, many people jump to the conclusion that the $200 (if not more) they spent has just disappeared down the drain. After all, you can't keep using your iTouch with a broken screen, can you? So people toss it in the garbage and, once they get the money, head out to buy another, thinking that is their only option. However, there is another choice available.

Repairs Universe has replacement iPod Touch replacement screens. People often do not realize that the iPod Touch glass screens can be replaced, and it is actually rather quick and easy. Here at Repairs Universe, a cracked screen is actually one of the most common issues we see. You have a few options available to you as well. Not only do we supply you with new iPod Touch glass screens, but also the instructions to help you do the repairs yourself.

             How to Repair your iPod Touch

Below is a short video showing just how simple the process can be on an iPod Touch 2nd or 3rd Generations. Other guides are available for reassembling a touch screen or for newer generations. All of our iPod Touch repair guides are detailed instructions for fixing a damaged screen or other internal parts.

             iPod Touch Replacement Parts and Screens

Click the links below to see our full list of parts available for each iPod Touch model, including the iPod Touch 4G, 3G, 2G, and 1G. We have a huge inventory of replacement screens and internal parts to help you get your iPod Touch working like new again!

You can also use this link to view all of our iPod Touch Screens or iPod Touch Replacement Parts. All of our listed parts for the iPod Touch are brand new and in stock, ready to ship out the same day (when ordered before 4PM PST).


Peruse our site to see all the different iPod Touch glass replacement screens available. Check your iTouch to see which screen you need. The iPod Touch requires the touch screen digitizer replacement part. We stock all the different generations of iTouch screens, so no one has to worry about throwing away their beloved iTouch. Don't know which one you need to purchase? You can talk to our Live Help Chat where our experts are ready to provide assistance so you can get the correct part for your iTouch. You can also check here:

Once you know which iPod Touch glass screen to buy, you can pop it into your cart, get the replacement instructions, and be on your way to a new screen in no time. Today's devices are expensive, and we hate to see you throwing away a perfectly good piece of equipment when we can help. We are ready to provide you not only with the parts you need, but excellent service. Save yourself a good deal of money, and the next time you find yourself stuck with a cracked iPod Touch glass screen, check out Repairs Universe for the help you need. Why spend more than you have to?

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