Nokia Lumia 1520 Screen Replacement and Repair Parts

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a fantastic phone and offers one of the best window's phone experiences Microsoft has to offer. Nokia's 1520 is solid addition to the Lumia Line that will perform for many years. Unfortunately accidents happen and components fail. Your screen may become damaged or scratched, the LCD may bleed, dead pixels show up, the battery may not be holding a charge, are all common problems that are likey to occur during a phone's life.

RepairsUniverse is here to help you keep your Lumia 1520 running like new. With our proven track record of sourcing top notch components, we can help you repair that damaged Lumia. (LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer Assemblies, batteries, power buttons, flex cables and more) . 

We are your one stop solution for Do it Yourself Nokia Lumia 1520 repairs. (Video guides, Lumia 1520 parts and tools).  Chat or email us if you have any questions.


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