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HTC One V Ear Speaker Replacement
HTC One V Ear Speaker Replacement
HTC One V Ear Speaker Replacement
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Do you have an HTC One V that has a malfunctioning earpiece speaker? When the speaker becomes damaged on your phone, you may hear a crackling sound that interferes with audio coming through the speaker, you may have no sound at all, or you may have no volume control. Whatever issues you may be having with the damaged ear speaker on your HTC One V, this is the perfect replacement part to restore your device to like-new condition! It is an affordable part that is in stock and ready to ship, and is designed to work perfectly to replace the HTC One V ear speaker that is damaged. Order yours today to begin hearing phone conversations on your phone again just like you did when it was new!

This HTC One V ear speaker replacement will include a free safe open pry tool to assist with installation of your new part.

Compatible with the following models:

  • HTC One V


  • Brand new ear speaker
  • High quality part
  • Free safe open pry tool included
  • In stock
  • Fast shipping

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