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iCorner iPhone 6 Corner Tool
iCorner iPhone 6 Corner Tool
iCorner iPhone 6 Corner Tool
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Don't let a dented aluminum iPhone 6 housing prevent you from installing a screen for your customer.   When you need to crank the case back to its original shape, this high quality machined iCorner iPhone 6 Corner Tool will do just that.  Developed by gTool™ and innovative in repairing damaged iPhone housing corners the iCorner iPhone 6 corner repair tool will take your results to the next level.  With the iCorner you can professionally fix dented corners of the iPhone 6 allowing you to fit a new screen quickly and easily.  It is perfect for replacing a screen after damage to the edge of the housing has pushed the frame in so the screen can not be set correctly. The iCorner is perfectly shaped for the iPhone 6 original housing shape. 

The gTool™ iCorner Tool gives you a virtually effortless way to straighten out and restore the shape and integrity of a damaged corner using precession cut heads specifically designed for your specific repair. As many repair shops and technicians know trying to bend a damaged corner back into shape that will accept a new screen replacement can be difficult task using crude tools such as a hammer and chisel.

The iCorner iPhone Corner Tool G1203 and the iCorner iPhone 6 Corner Tool takes this task to the professional level by restoring a bent corner back to its factory shape - allowing you to install a replacement screen without having to sacrifice quality or risk further damaging the casing to beyond repairable condition.

Compatible with:

  • Apple iPhone 6


  • iCorner iPhone 6 Corner Tool allows repair technician to easily repair all corners of the iPhone 6 in conjunction with gTool iPhone Corner Tool (G1203)
  • Efficient storage space so it is perfectly suited for the mobile technician
  • Finally a tool that will restore the housing of the iPhone 6 so the screen can install properly.    A dent puller for your iDevice!  
  • Package Contents:   1 x iCorner For iPhone 6  Corner Tool