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iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit
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iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit

iPhone 6s Plus Repair Kit

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Now featuring our convenient & affordable specialty repair kit for your iPhone 6s Plus!
This all-in-one kit includes the iPhone 6s Plus's 5.5" glass lens replacement as well as an 11pc tool set necessary to fix your device.

Replacing the Glass Lens screen is the most affordable option for those individuals who possess a lot of technical experience. For instance, the screen must be repeatedly heated to soften the adhesive to separate the glass from the LCD. The process of separating the two parts may damage the LCD. A much simpler way to fix a broken screen is to replace the entireLCD and touch screen assembly. This repair typically takes less than 30 min and can be done by a novice with excellent results. As a bonus, this will also solve any LCD or touch issues you may be experiencing.

Got cracks? Don't worry! Watch our video guide on how to dismantle & replace your broken glass and enjoy a crack-free view of all 1080 x 1920 pixels of your display once again.

In a hurry to repair your device? No problem - fast track the shipping by placing your order before 5PM PST, Monday-Friday and have it shipped out that same day.
If you run into trouble with your DIY repair, don't hestitate to contact our tech support via email or live chat. We will be happy to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing.
Check out our iPhone 6 Plus Repair Guide online to help walk you through the repair.

Repair Instructions:

The specific repair for your device may vary.

The following steps are instructions on how to complete a glass lens repair. We recommend viewing a repair video on YouTube prior to installation.

  1. Apply a strip of clear packing tape across the cracked screen
  2. Use the Pentalobe screwdriver to remove the bottom 2 screws
  3. Use the suction cup to pull up the screen and remove it from the rear case
  4. Carefully lift up the screen assembly, disconnect the flex cables and fully remove the screen assembly from the rear case
  5. Use the heat source to slowly heat up the surface of your screen to loosen the glass adhesive
  6. Once the adhesive softens, slide the pry tool between the glass and frame
  7. Insert the wire into to the exposed gap. Slide the wire gently down the length of the screen to safely separate the glass from the LCD
  8. Insert the picks as you go to keep the screen separated from the LCD
  9. Once the glass is separated, carefully clean the LCD to remove any leftover adhesive, dust or glass
  10. Test fit the included double-sided adhesive onto the frame, trim if necessary. Once satisfied with the fit, remove one side of the adhesive, press firmly into place
  11. Pull off the remaining adhesive backing and fit the new glass screen into place
  12. Press firmly on the edges to ensure a good seal between the glass and adhesive tape

Watch repair videos on Youtube before attempting your repair!

PLEASE NOTE:This kit only replaces the glass lens, not the LCD/touch screen and requires experience.If you are uncertain as to which parts are in need of repair, please feel free to contact our Tech Support or refer to our video guides for assistance.


  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus


  • Replacement Part : iPhone 6s Plus Glass Screen Lens [Black]

  • Screen Size : 5.5 inches

  • Specialty Tool Kit : 11-pc tool set includes specialized screwdrivers (pentalobe), prytools, lens cloth, sim-card ejection tool, suction cup lift & adhesive for the front glass lens

  • Repair Time : 1-2 hrs [estimate]


  • If you pry or force the screen apart, you could damage the LCD.
  • Ground yourself when attempting to repair, you should be in a static-free environment
  • When using a heat source to soften the glue from the screen do not overheat the LCD
  • Keep organized: the screws are of different size and length. Mark and number the screws as you take them out to prevent damage