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iPhone Stylus Pen
iPhone Stylus Pen
iPhone Stylus Pen
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If you have just made the move from a PDA to an iPhone, and are having trouble getting used to the iPhones touch screen, then this is the item for you! It has a rubber tip designed to work with the iPhone or iPod touch without scratching the screen. The iPhone stylus is specially designed for use with a capacitive touch screen, such as the screen on an iPhone or an iPod touch, allowing you to save time when typing out an e-mail, note or website.

  • Lid contains a clip to hook onto your pocket, or anywhere else you would keep a pen.
  • Unscrewing the end will provide you with a pin that is ideal for opening the iPhones sim card tray.
  • The stylus nib is sprung, allowing for a flexible tapping motion.


  • It's small enough to put in your pocket or purse
  • Easily navigate and type on iPhone's tiny keyboard
  • It's sensitive to type or tap an e-mail, note, address book or website quickly and accurately
  • Use an iPhone stylus to save your time and typing is not a hot stuff any more
  • Clip design
  • Easily clip in your pocket, book or diary
  • Extra reset pin to restart your PDA device or open the SIM card slot
  • Drawing is possible
  • Spring design. Flexible for tapping
  • Optional color of barrel: black or silver
  • Dimension:OD5.6mmx95mm (OPEN)
  • OD5.6mmx117mm(CLOSE)

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