PSP LCD Screen Replacements for LCD Repair

While cracked and scratched PSP screens aren't uncommon, they certainly aren't covered under most Sony warranties, so you're usually left with two choices - fix the screen or buy a new PSP. Given that you're going to drop at least two hundred dollars on a new PSP, wouldn't you rather grab a replacement LCD screen from the best LCD screen outlet on the planet? Repairs Universe has thousands of models in stock and ready to ship to you now.

Replacing LCD screens isn't really as difficult as you might imagine. In fact, every order comes with an opening tool that makes the repair as smooth as possible. Using the resources on our site may help too, but if this is still a process you're not interested in handling yourself, we can help out. For a small service fee, we'll be happy to install the screen for you, and ship it back to you quickly so you'll be playing like never before.

To order now, just choose your model below. If you're not sure which screen is right for you, try our Live Help chat feature or email us with any questions you have.

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