Samsung Galaxy Note I (i717) Glass Lens Screen Replacement - Black

Samsung Galaxy Note I (i717) Glass Lens Screen Replacement - Black

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Our Price: $9.99

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Samsung Galaxy Note I (i717) Glass Screen Replacements in Black are now available for a great low price. It is important to note that this specific glass replacement is should only by a skilled technician with experience separating "fused" or "bonded" screens like that on the Galaxy Note 1. Typically it requires industry related equipment such as a "LCD Separator Machine" to safely remove just the glass panel from the surface of the LCD.

Important: Unless you, or someone you know, is a repair tech experienced in separating fused screens on the Galaxy Note I (i717) do not attempt to separate the glass lens from the LCD screen on your Galaxy Note I (i717) or you will likely cause more damage to your Galaxy Note I (i717), increasing your costs and delaying your repair. Instead, consider these alternatives RepairsUniverse offers for customers.

Your options are:

  • 1. The best option for repairing your Galaxy Note I (i717) glass lens is to order the full Galaxy Note I (i717) LCD + Touch Screen Assembly part. With our free pry tool, and repair guide, provided with your order, and our Galaxy Note I (i717) repair video, you can do the repair yourself. The screen replacement assembly will also resolve any unforeseen issues with your LCD screen as well.
  • Note: If you send your old screen assembly to us, we will determine if your LCD screen is eligible for a LCD recycling credit, and apply that credit to your total order cost, and present you with a discount code on future purchases

  • 2. We can do the repair for you. Call us at 866-925-2350 or use Live Chat. Once the details are confirmed, send your Galaxy Note I (i717) to RepairsUniverse. One of our experienced technicians will replace your damaged glass lens screen and test it before returning to you as quickly as possible.

For more information about these options, including our Repair Service and LCD recycling credits, call us at 866-925-2350, contact us via Live Chat or send us an email via our Contact form.

*IMPORTANT: DO NOT ATTEMPT to separate your glass lens screen from the LCD screen to do your own repair. See the two options above.

While many repair technicians can do this without such equipment, it requires a great level of skill and expertise to not only separate a shattered glass screen from the LCD, but also properly install a new glass panel such as this part.

Repairs Universe recommends those who do not have previous experience separating fused LCD screens (especially on the Galaxy Note 1) purchase a full screen assembly.

Compatible With the Following Models:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (i717)

Note 2 Glass Replacement Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Low Price
  • High Quality Glass
  • Ships directly from the US

Recommended Materials:

  • Liquid Optically-Clear Adhesive (aka. LOCA Glue / UV Glue)
  • LCD Separating Machine or related equipment

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