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Do you have a Sony Xperia S that has been dropped, resulting in a damaged LCD screen? If so, it is likely that you are having issues when trying to view images on your screen possibly in the form of blurred pixel lines or splotches on the screen, or you may have a solid black or white screen. Dropping your Sony Xperia S can also result in damage to the touchscreen. This may appear as spider web cracks, smaller scratches, or an unresponsive touch screen. Although any type of screen damage on your Sony Xperia S may tempt you to purchase an entirely new phone, that can be an expensive endeavor.

It is much more affordable to purchase Sony Xperia S screen replacements and repair parts right here at RepairsUniverse. We offer a wide selection of Sony Xperia S touch screen replacements that can repair unresponsive touch screens as well as those that are cracked. We also have LCD screen replacements for the Sony Xperia S that can allow you to repair a damaged LCD screen and begin viewing images just as you did when the phone was new. Browse our selection of Sony Xperia S replacement screens and repair parts below to find the one you need to get your phone looking and working like new again soon!

Sony Xperia S Volume Flex Cable Replacement
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Sale Price: $5.99
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When you purchase your replacement screens and repair parts for your damaged Sony Xperia S here at RepairsUniverse, you will receive a free safe open pry tool with your order. This plastic tool can assist you in taking your device´┐Żapart without damage so you can safely and securely install your new screen. We keep all items in stock, and offer quick shipping, so you never have to wait any longer than necessary to repair your damaged Sony Xperia S. If you have any questions about your order or the replacement screens and repair parts above, contact us through email or LiveChat, where one of our customer service associates will be happy to assist you.´┐Ż

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