Sony Xperia SL Screen Replacements & Repair Parts

Do you have a Sony Xperia SL with screen damage? There are many ways to damage the screen on your phone, as these high-quality phones have sensitive parts that can easily become damaged. Exposure to excessive light, heat or water can interfere with the performance of the Sony Xperia SL inner LCD screen, causing it to show interfering pixel lines or splotches on the screen. In severe cases, the screen may become solid white or black, also known as a dead screen. When this happens, you will need to purchase an LCD screen replacement for your Sony Xperia SL. This type of replacement screen is available below, and will allow you to restore your phone's LCD screen and view images on your device again the way you love.

If the Sony Xperia SL screen damage is not on your LCD screen, but is on the exterior touch screen digitizer, your phone may have scratches, cracks or scuffs that interfere with usage of the touch screen. This is another available part that you can find in our below selection, and you can get your phone looking and working like brand new once you install your new Sony Xperia SL touch screen replacement. Browse our screen repair parts below to find exactly what you need!

When you purchase your Sony Xperia SL screen replacement and repair parts from us at RepairsUniverse, you will receive brand new high quality parts. We never sell refurbished or used parts, and they have all been quality tested so you can be sure they will perfectly fit your device. We also keep all of the above Sony Xperia SL screen replacements and repair parts in stock, and we ship orders within 24 hours of purchase, so you won't have to wait long to receive your new screen and restore your phone to like-new condition!

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