Sony Xperia Tablets Screen Replacements & Repair Parts

If your Sony Xperia Tablet S or Z has been dropped or damaged and the touchscreen is no longer functioning correctly, it can severely interfere with the usage of your device. In some cases damage to the touch screen of your Sony Xperia Tablets may appear in the form of spider web cracks or scuffs that can interfere with viewing images on the device. Additional image interference that can occur as a result of damage to your Sony Xperia Tablet S or Tablet Z is damage to the inner LCD screen. When this happens, you may see a solid white or black screen, or you may see lines or spots on the screen either of which can impede your ability to see images on the screen.

RepairsUniverse offers screen replacements and repair parts for your Sony Xperia Tablets that can repair either type of damage that may have occurred on your tablet. All of the Xperia Tablet S or Z screen replacements and repair parts shown below are brand new and of the highest quality available on the market. When shopping with us, you never have to worry about receiving used repair parts. Additionally, we quality test each one of our Sony Xperia Tablets screen replacements and repair parts to ensure that they will fit your device properly. Browse our selection below to find the Xperia screen replacement you need above.

Your Sony Xperia Tablet S or Z LCD or touch screen replacement parts will also include a free safe open pry tool. This plastic tool will assist you with the screen repair on your Sony Xperia Tablets without worry of causing any damage while taking the device apart. At RepairsUniverse, we are also available by email or LiveChat to answer any questions you may have about our Sony Xperia Tablet screen replacements or repair parts, as well as any other questions you may have.

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