Speaker Replacements

Is the speaker or earpiece part of your cellphone or smartphone damaged in some way? Are you hearing a lot of background noise or static on your iPhone, HTC, BlackBerry or other phone? Chances are you need a smartphone speaker replacement or other audio repair part to replace whichever part you are having problems with.

You certainly don't want to buy a new phone for a rather insignificant issue like this that you can repair yourself. No matter what cell or smartphone you need either a speaker replacement or earpiece replacement part for, we have it in stock and ready to ship today. To find and order the speaker or earpiece repair part you need, start by clicking on the image of your phone below.

Smartphone Speaker Replacements

Smartphones today provide clean and clear sound even at high volume. These small speakers are quite amazing, however they are quite fragile. Speakers are vulnerable to water damage more than any other part of your phone. Moisture alone can damage your speakers and produce constant background noise and distortion. Luckily the earpiece and loud speakers are relatively easy to replace and won't cost you a bundle.

Here at RepairsUniverse we provide brand new replacement speakers for your HTC, Blackberry, and iPhone's. Our high quality speaker replacements are guaranteed to give you clean and crisp sound for your smartphone.

If you order from us, we will provide you the perfect speaker replacement, a free safe pry tool, and a repair guide to learn how to safely disassemble your smartphone and make the repair yourself.

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