Zoomer the Robot Dog

zoomer robot dog for christmas


Zoomer The Robotic Dog in Three Colors!

Zoomer The Robotic Dog was one of the top-selling toys of the 2013 Christmas shopping season. Sometimes we can't even keep them in stock - but you can sign up to get an email as soon as any Zoomer is back in stock. You'll be first on the list!

Zoomer Robot Dog is available in three colors - black/white, pink, and even purple. Just click the color you want below to Checkout now.

Zoomer understands multiple languages and and the FREE iOS and Android App teaches you how to train your new Zoomer Dog. Zoomer and 'Zoomie' (for girls) understand commands like "sit!" and "play dead," just like a real dog. With your new Zoomer Dog, he will bring your child and family hours of entertainment and joy.

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