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Advice on Buying Blackberry Replacement Parts

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Have you ever been in the middle of a two-year contract for your BlackBerry when you drop your beloved device? There it is. Falling, seemingly in slow motion, to the ground and coming to a rest face down. You say a little prayer before turning it over. The prayer was futile. Your BlackBerry’s screen is cracked right down the middle or its plastic cover is cracked, rendering your BlackBerry useless. So, what do you do? There’s no way you can live without this connection to the world around you. It may cost you about $500 to replace this device or you could pay a couple hundred for someone to repair it. Either way, you'll be out lots of money and lots of down time.

At Repairs Universe, we have some great tips and advice on buying Blackberry replacement parts so that you can fix the BlackBerry yourself. That may sound difficult, but you'll quickly learn it doesn't take a rocket scientist to fix your Smartphone.

The first step in a do-it-yourself repair of your Smartphone is to hit the Internet in search of the cheapest replacement parts. You may go to eBay or some other online auction site, but that’s not always guaranteed. Your best bet is to go to a reputable online BlackBerry replacement company like to find the least expensive coverings, screens, trackballs, or anything else that may need to be fixed. You can find any part you may need at Repairs Universe because the company has the widest variety of any online BlackBerry parts provider, and they also have a professional staff dedicated to helping you through the repair process.

Make sure you have the correct model number of the BlackBerry because it will help save you time and frustration. If you don’t know the model, the staff at Repairs Universe can help you figure it out.

By fixing your device with the right BlackBerry parts, you can save time and money. You will also be without your BlackBerry for a lot less time because you won’t have to ship the device to a repair shop. Another benefit to a do-it-yourself project is that you can keep private all of the important data you have stored in your BlackBerry. You won’t have a nosy Smartphone repairman or repairwoman snooping through all your personal data.

These DIY projects are inherently wrought with risks, however small. If you repair your BlackBerry yourself, you run the risk of breaking or damaging another piece. Even though replacing the parts is a relatively simple process, mistakes can happen. If you run into trouble, the Repairs Universe staff would be more than happy to help out.

Ask them anything. They’ll have the answers!

You don’t need a degree in a technical trade in order to fix your BlackBerry. The Web is filled with places you can turn to for advice and tips; however, you won’t find a better resource than They have cheap parts, a good reputation, and a knowledgeable staff that can get your BlackBerry up and running again with little disturbance in your life.

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