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How to Protect Your iPod

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

We love our Apple devices. Whether we use them to make calls, e-mail, surf the Web, or listen to music, there’s one reason why we are drawn to these gadgets – portability. But it’s that very feature that makes these expensive devices vulnerable, especially iPods. Every time we put them into our purses or pants pockets, iPods become susceptible to scratches from coins, keys, pens, you name it. iPods are under constant assault from the moment you remove them from their packaging. Danger waits for your iPod when you remove it from your pockets. Everyone has that moment -- That heart-stopping, “I can’t believe I dropped my really expensive gadget” moment, but Repairs Universe has some practical advice on how to safely protect your iPod without too much difficulty.

You could always keep your iPod in bubble wrap but that’s not practical for these MP3 players that most people use for hours during each day. The easiest way to ensure its safety is to just be careful, especially around liquids. You should never place your valuable device around glasses of water, showers, pools, and other large bodies of water. You’d be surprised how you’re the person picked to get pushed into the pool with your iPod going in with you. Keep it far, far away. That goes for any place that has high humidity. Extended exposure to humid weather can also damage your iPod and you’ll need to fix or replace it.

It may not be practical to carry your iPod in its own travel case. If you’re like most iPod owners, you’ll carry this gadget in your pants pockets or purse. We’re not trying to talk you out of it. Simply remove the other dangers from your pockets, such as keys, pens, coins, and anything else that can scratch or dent your iPod. Or designate a pocket or compartment in your clutter-filled purse or bag for your iPod. There’s nothing worse than pulling out this gotta-have gadget with a fresh scratch or dent on it. And make sure you don’t set your iPod down anywhere it could be easily knocked off.

There’s another way you can protect your iPod. Buy a protective accessory. You have plenty of options, from the bulky for a rugged lifestyle to something sleek if you’re a little more careful with your iPod. You can get protective stickers that are thick enough to protect the vulnerable screens but thin enough not to add any bulk to your pocket. Then there are thick plastic casings that are best for people who are rough with their gadgets. has a full array of inexpensive, quality protective accessories for your iPod.

Music lovers have to have an iPod that fits your personality. That’s why Apple makes different colors and styles. Protective cases come in a variety of styles as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing that unique look that keeps you trendy. There’s no reason to risk being without your iPod when you don’t have to be, so you should do what you can to prevent damage of any kind. These tips for maintaining your iPod should keep your gadget working as good as new.

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