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Cracked | Broken | Damaged iPod Touch Screen 4G

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Is your iPod Touch 4th Gen's screens become damaged or cracked? This is such a common issue with the 4th generation of iPod Touch as a screen can easily become damaged after even just one drop or fall. Luckily you can repair the screen very simply by just following the instructions below.

The iPod Touch 4th Gen brought along a few changes from its predecessors, this includes the touch screen and LCD display being fused together, not allowing you to separate them easily. This works to the advantage of novice techies as it skips a few steps a normal iPod Touch would have to go through. It also is great because the screen assembly can resolve so many issues, from a cracked screen, damaged LCD, deep scratches, non functional screens, and so much more.

The video below will walk you through the steps of replacing a screen assembly that has been damaged on your iPod Touch 4th Gen. Following this guide will give you the confidence needed to perform the repair yourself and save yourself big money!

How to Repair Your Broken iPod Tuch 4th Generation

Follow our simple repair guide to quickly and safety replace the damaged screen assembly.

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