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RepairsUniverse's Reviews

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Across the web, there are thousands of RepairsUniverse reviews from satisfied customers around the world. Our reviews are very important to us and we do everything we can to make sure every customer is satisfied. We monitor our reviews to make sure that any issues are dealt with quickly and thoroughly. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. Since 2008, hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world have ordered from RepairsUniverse, and voiced their satisfaction with our high-quality, discounted replacement parts as well as our repair guides and videos, one of the largest resources of its kind on the web.

RepairsUniverse's Reviews

RepairsUniverse's near-perfect overall customer satisfaction ratings are something that we work very hard to maintain. We know that there are other places that customers can go to buy their replacement and repair parts, screens and accessories. But we have found that our customer satisfaction beats all of our competition for overall customer satisfaction.

As you will see from browsing around RepairsUniverse's reviews, the vast majority, over 95%, of our customers give us four and five-star (out of five) ratings. View some of RepairsUniverse's customer reviews via our Testimonials page.

"Their customer support helped me both before the purchase and after. I can't thank them enough for helping me repair my iPod which I never thought would work again. Thanks again guys, keep up the good work!" - RepairsUniverse Review From SkyBlue2010

"I purchased a replacement screen for a LG Ally. The product was shipped quickly and was exactly as advertised. I am completely satisfied with this merchant for this order." - Repairs Universe Review From Unnamed Yahoo Shopper

You can also review feedback about RepairsUniverse, or ask a question, via our Facebook page, and please don't forget to 'Like' us while you're there.

Why Customers Come Back to RepairsUniverse

Our customers tell us that they come back to when they need a new iPod touch screen, iPhone extended battery, HTC or Android LCD display, or other replacement part, or accessory, because of our:

  • Low prices; special sales; direct savings; combined order discounts
  • Quality-tested, superior replacement and repair parts
  • Extensive inventories for hundreds of popular and hard-to-find screens, batteries and repair parts
  • Fast, priority shipping; guaranteed customer satisfaction; live customer support

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and if it wasn't, we wouldn't have survived in the competitive online supplier business. We make every effort to satisfy legitimate complaints from actual RepairsUniverse customers. Of course we cannot control shady business practices of a competitor who misrepresents themselves as a RepairsUniverse customer in order to log a complaint in an effort to damage our excellent reputation.

Plus, we also obviously cannot control the number of scam 'review' sites - or even those that are somewhat "legit" - that have been popping up in the past few years who see they can make money from businesses who have a bad review and want at least the chance to address a complaint, whether they're legit complaints or not. If you'd like know more about this increasing trend that threatens good companies, please read more below.

Review Sites and Scams

The number of "review" sites that have popped over the years is astonishing. Some of the sites are legit - like Yahoo, Amazon, Reseller Ratings and ShopperApproved. However, there are more scam review sites than ever before because of the public's interest in searching for information about a company they plan to do business with. browse RepairsUniverse Reviews online as part of their decision-making process to keep in mind that there are websites that feature negative reviews in order to build their own website traffic to generate ad revenue, sell products and even do their best to find tricky, barely legal ways to extort money from businesses to allow them to respond to a negative review - others ask enormous amounts of money to have a review mitigated or removed - even though we have no way of telling if the review is real or if the customer even purchased from us, or whether it's the suspicious negative reviews written by such website owners themselves to get money from a company. We ask that you keep this in mind when you come across so-called negative reviews about RepairsUniverse.

The customer who sees not-so-good or negative reviews on some relatively unknown website often has no way to know that they are not legit because the creators of these websites are very savvy, and will create "professional looking" sites, and even include some good reviews to look more genuine. And, in fact, some of these review sites actually include some legitimate good reviews from real customers. But, beware, many are not to be trusted.

Be Skeptical of Negative Reviews

There are various reasons to be skeptical of negative, or not-so-great, reviews of our business, and other businesses that have an otherwise good reputation. As mentioned above, an increasing dilemma for online businesses are review sites that contain some less-than-satisfactory reviews. The dilemma is not that businesses don't want to deal with unsatisfactory reviews, but instead the fact that they have to pay a review site hundreds, even thousands, of dollars just to have the opportunity to answer a review.

In addition, most of the bad reviews are made by anonymous people who cannot even be verified as legitimate customers. A few times a year (out of tens of thousands of orders), there will be a legitimate review from someone who was less than satisfied. In that case, we make every effort to resolve actual, legitimate complaints. Unfortunately, there are some people (not many, but enough to be a concern) out there who will exaggerate or lie in their reviews in order to get things for free. This is not new to a business - there will always be those people.

There are other cases when we know an unsatisfactory review on some review site is a complete fabrication because the review will make a claim that anyone who really was a customer would never say just based on the information they have written.

For example, a so-called customer who makes a claim that we told them to send a part back to the manufacturer of their smartphone is simply impossible. Such a claim defies logic as well. Sadly, we suspect some of these reviews are written by competitors in hopes that it will mean more business for them. The more successful your business becomes, the more you become a target of competitors who employ nefarious, even malicious, tactics, usually out of desperation.

So, we ask that if you are considering becoming a customer of RepairsUniverse - but are worried about some unsatisfactory reviews - to keep in mind it could be fake, someone trying to get something for free (basically, cheating), a dirty deeds competitor, or one of the scam "review" websites (see below for a specific case).

Our customers are our business and we do everything we can to make sure every customer has a good experience from start to finish. Thankfully, the vast majority of our online reviews are positive. The vast majority of comparison shoppers will notice that 96% or 97% of our reviews are satisfactory to excellent online and that RepairsUniverse is where they want to do their shopping, not just because we have stocked thousands of non-refurbished, factory-tested and OEM compliant replacement parts, but because of all of the happy customers we have had since 2008.

RepairsUniverse Rip-Off Report

Some of you may have heard of the Rip-Off Report. It is in online "review" site that has a F rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been sued - and is being sued - by dozens of companies, many of which have accused its owner, Ed Magedson, of creating false complaints in an effort to charge those same businesses huge sums of money to have the so-called negative reviews contain a rebuttal. According to, Magedson has a lengthy criminal record, and as of 2011 was in hiding with a $20,000 reward for information leading to his whereabouts.

Therefore, we want any of our customers - or potential customers - who may have seen our name connected to a "rip-off report" to know the truth. We don't even know if those are legitimate RepairsUniverse Reviews because we cannot get information about who the reviewer is without paying into ROR scheme, and based on the information that is available about Magedson and ROR online, we're not paying a criminal on the run exorbitant amounts of money just to see if a supposed review is a real customer of ours or if it was made up to extort money from us.

We think it's important that our customers know the truth about some online review sites, and we trust that most realize that the 96% or 97% of positive RepairsUniverse Reviews is reflective of our overwhelming positive customer satisfaction.

We always work to resolve a customer complaint fair and square, and directly with the customer. However, in these ROR cases, we know from some of the things they write that it is impossible they actually ever made a purchase with RepairsUniverse.

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