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Apple is a giant company, pretty much everyone knows who they are. Their iPods are extremely popular, the reviews for them are rarely bad. People consider it the most innovative audio product. With so many different iPod models, RepairsUniverse has put together repair guides for them. We cover nearly all iPod models including how to fix the iPod Touch, Classic, Video, Nano, and the Shuffle. We want to make sure you can do a DIY repair with no complications.

All of our guides have a list of necessary tools and parts that you will need during your repair. All of the parts and tools can be purchased here at affordable prices. Each guide is made differently for the specific part that needs to be fixed. If your screen is broken, we have a screen replacement guide. We also have take apart guides, so you can learn how to take your iPod apart safely.

Every guide is made right here, by our team, at RepairsUniverse. With the help of our tools, parts, and guides your DIY repairs should be easy and quick. We want every repair to be successful for you. So check out our repair guides, on the different iPod products, down below. Get your iPod back to normal now!

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