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If you're LG cell or mobile phone - whether it's the Optimus or Shine - has a cracked LG screen, a broken LCD display, needs an LG replacement battery, or any other repair part, Repairs Universe has the parts you need to fix your LG phone.

We have the largest supply of high-quality, factory-tested and inexpensive LG replacement parts on the web. If you see the part you need for your LG phone, that means it's in-stock and ready to ship today. Plus, with each order, you'll receive LG repair instructions specific to your model.

Within a couple to few days, you'll have your order from Repairs Universe with everything you need to repair your LG yourself within less time and with less effort than you might think it would take. If you don't think you can fix your phone yourself, ask about our professional LG phone repair service.

To find the part(s) you need, simply locate the LG phone to be fixed, and click on the phone image to go to a page which displays all of the LG repair parts available for your LG phone.

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Best Quality, Low Priced LG Repair Parts Online

All of our LG repair and replacement parts are of the highest quality, tested for excellence and guaranteed to work with whatever model you need to fix. The line of LG products are great products - durable enough to last in the years to come and able to help you to receive your calls and to surf the internet or send text messages, depending on whatever type of cell phone you get.

But no matter how great your LG phone is, there is always the chance that something will happen that will damage it. It may have been dropped, or smacked, or it may simply have had a problem with it from the get go. Don't despair, however, because if your LG phone needs to be fixed, you can actually fix it yourself.

We carry LG battery parts, replacement screens, replacement LCD displays, glass touch digitizers, cable replacements, and much more. Plus, with our step-by-step LG fix-it guide, restoring your LG phone is easier than ever before. For help picking out the right equipment, look to our experts on our Live Chat, giving you advice the moment you need it. Or, drop us and email and our customer service team will help you determine the needed parts.

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