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iFlex Opening Tool
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The iFlex Opening tool slips into the tight gaps found in most modern electronics. The iFlex is thin, durable and capable of opening the latest devices, such as the current iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices

Everyone knows how easy it is to break a smartphone's touchscreen when replacing the battery or display. The iFlex Opening tool helps you to seperate the panels while minimizing any damage.

Compatible With:

  • All smartphones and tablets


  • Brand new iFlex Opening Tool
  • Super tough spring steel blade features a smart tip design and easy to grip handle.
  • Blade measures in at 0.2 mm thick
  • The iFlex is a great tool, but caution must be used to avoid any scratches or damage to the internal components. An iplastix opening tool will reduce this risk and is ideal for more delicate repairs.
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