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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

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Has the battery on your iPhone 5 stopped taking or holding a charge? If you know the charger is working properly, but this is still happening, it is likely a bad battery. This iPhone 5 battery replacement is an affordable way to get back the usage time you need to be able to call, send emails, texts and more on your great device.

In order to provide you with a safe, durable and long-lasting lithium-ion battery assembly that can weather the rigors of transport & wear, our batteries are put through extensive testing to ensure they meet the criteria of the UN DOT 38.3 testing standards. These tests include altitude/air transport simulation, extreme thermal conditions, vibration, shock, external short-circuiting, impact, overcharge and forced discharge simulation. To ensure that you receive only the highest-quality battery, all battery assemblies are brand-new premium zero-cycle.

Zero-Cycle basically means the battery has never been used, or, discharged. A battery cycle is one full discharge, followed by one full recharge. Any partial discharge and recharge counts towards a full cycle. Here’s how it works: suppose you use 50% of your battery capacity today and charge it to 100% overnight; that's 1/2 a cycle. Suppose you only use 25% tomorrow and charge it back up; that's only 1/4 of a cycle. So, over that two-day period, you have only used .75 of a cycle.

When you order your iPhone 5 battery replacement, we will include a safe open pry tool with your order at no additional cost.

As per IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations all batteries must ship via GROUND only. If you are located outside of the continental U.S., you will not be able to purchase or need to choose another shipping option, please remove any batteries from your shopping cart.


  • iPhone 5


  • Brand new battery
  • UN DOT 38.3 Certified
  • Premium Zero Cycle
  • Includes safe open pry tool
  • Fast shipping
  • Low everyday cost

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