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iPhone SE Polarizer
iPhone SE Polarizer
iPhone SE Polarizer
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The iPhone SE Polarizer is a thin piece of film that goes between the LCD and top glass lens during a Glass Lens repair. The polarizer film helps reduce the reflection of light off the glass and LCD after installation. There is a Polarizer Film on the top of your LCD. If you damaged your iPhone SE LCD by cutting the wrong layer or deeply scratching it so that even UV glue can't fill in you can now replace the polarizer and get your LCD back to working condition. Repairs Universe sells the best quality pre-cut iPhone SE Polarizer available on the market. Purchase yours today.

Note: The glass lens-only replacement part for the iPhone SE is ONLY intended to be purchased by experienced repair technicians who have access to the proper machinery required to safely separate the glass lens from the LCD. Unless you, or someone you know, is a repair tech experienced in separating fused screens, do not attempt to separate the touch screen from the LCD screen on your device. You will likely cause more damage to your phone, increasing your repair costs.


  • For help determining what replacement part you need or if you have a question about our iPhone SE Polarizer, call our customer USA based service reps toll-free at 866-925-2350.
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  • Do not be fooled by websites that do not offer support such as Amazon, eBay or websites that are not based in the USA.

Compatible With:

  • iPhone SE


  • Highest Quality Available: All of our iPhone SE replacement parts are the highest quality available.
  • Brand New: Repairs Universe only sells brand new iPhone SE Polarizer
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • Factory Tested: Every part is factory tested before it is shipped
  • Purchase Includes: Free safe opening pry tool and top of the line adhesive
  • Same Day Shipping: if you place your order by 5pm Mon - Fri (PST)
  • Recommended for experienced technicians only.


  • We welcome wholesale, school, and corporate orders. Please apply for a wholesale account now.

Repair Service:

  • If you do not wish to repair your iPhone SE yourself, we offer an affordable repair service.
  • Contact us or visit our Repair Page for more info.
  • Qualified, professional technicians are standing by to diagnose and repair your iPhone SE Glass Lens Screen repair for you.