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OnePlus 5T (A5010) Loudspeaker
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OnePlus 5T (A5010) Loudspeaker

OnePlus 5T (A5010) Loudspeaker

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This is the OnePlus 5T loudspeaker from RepairsUniverse. If your loudspeaker is making distorted sound, playing low volume, or has suffered heavy external damage this is the perfect replacement.

Solves the following problems:

  • No sound when using the device
  • No sound when using the phone hands-free mode
  • Low speaker volume
  • Distorted sound


  • OnePlus 5T


  • Brand new Loudspeaker with flex cable replacement for the OnePlus 5T
  • Includes flex cable for an easy plugin swap, no soldering required
  • High-quality precision fitting parts
  • Fast Same Day Shipping, Monday-Friday, Before 5 pm PST