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Precision Knife Set
Precision Knife Set
Precision Knife Set
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This Precision Knife Set, now offered by RepairsUniverse, is a high quality and multi-use repair tool that can prove to be useful no matter what your phone or tablet you plan to repair. The set includes a durable metal handle along with six different blades that can be useful for such tasks like scraping old and dirty adhesive from inside your device.

This precision knife set also provides you with the ability to cut tiny strips of double-sided adhesive when installing a new screen replacement. If you have ever needed to cut adhesive into tiny unique shapes to perform a screen repair you'll know that more often than not a pair of scissors is not enough made exact and necessary cuts to achieve a proper application of adhesive.

When you purchase this brand new precision knife set along with your replacement parts order you will surely receive the same premium quality tools used by repair professionals. Don't forget to check out RepairsUniverse's large variety of repair tools to find other useful tools for your next phone or tablet repair.

This Knife Set Includes:

  • 1 Metal handle
  • 1 #4 Flat Blade
  • 1 #11 Steep Angled Blade
  • 1 #3 Steep Angled Blade (thin)
  • 1 #12 Off-set Angled Blade
  • 1 #10 Curved Blade
  • 1 #1 Angled Blade