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Blackberry Bold 9000 Take Apart LCD Screen Repair Guide

June 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

Blackberry Bold 9000 Take Apart LCD Screen Repair Guide

The Repairs Universe video guide below shows how to take apart and disassemble the Blackberry Bold 9000 cell phone. Our step by step instructions show how to quickly and safely open your phone so you can install a replacement LCD screen. This guide has been designed and put together by the Repairs Universe team.

This guide will help you to install the following Blackberry Bold 9000 replacement parts:

Tools Required:

Blackberry Bold 9000 LCD screen replacement display take apart repair guide:

Blackberry Bold 9000 LCD Screen Replacement Summary:

Using this summary in correlation with the video will insure proper instructions are given and a safe repair is made.

  • Step one is to remove the back battery cover, battery, and sim card. Next remove the six screws using a Torx T5 Screwdriver.
  • Once the screw has been removed from the phone you can remove the back casing. Next ease off the front cover. Use a safe pry tool to release the LCD ribbon connector.
  • Once you disconnected the ribbon, you turn the motherboard over. Use a safe pry tool to ease off the screen from the board is how do place the repair of double sided tape.
  • You may now replace the LCD screen and reassemble your phone.


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