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iPod Nano 3rd Generation Battery Repair Replacement Guide

June 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

iPod Nano 3rd Generation Battery Repair Replacement Guide

The team have created these video instructions to guide you through the installation process for a replacement iPod Nano 3rd Generation battery to repair your Nano MP3 player.

This guide will help you to install the following iPod Nano 3rd Generation part(s):

Tools Required:

iPod Nano 3rd Generation Battery Replacement Repair Guide:

Reverse the instructions above to reassemble your iPod Nano.

Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation Battery Replacement Summary:

Using this summary in correlation with the video will insure proper instructions are given and a safe repair is made.

  • Using a plastic safe pry tool run this along all sides of the iPod releasing clips. Remove the back cover from the Nano.
  • You have the access to the six screws which need to be removed with a small Phillips screwdriver. Remove the click wheel ribbon cable from the jaw connector, to do this use a safe pry tool to lift the jaw connector.
  • You can use a pair of twisters to gently remove the ribbon cable from the jaw. Remove the small metal clips around the headphone jack.
  • The screws and ribbon cable has been released you can remove the motherboard from the iPod. The battery is glued to the iPod. Use a safe pry tool to pry apart the battery from the iPod. Once separated lift and move to one side be careful as it still connected to the motherboard.
  • Turn the motherboard and battery over and you will see the three points where the battery is soldered to the motherboard using a thin nose soldering iron heat this entire connections one of the time and then gently remove the battery.
  • To install a new battery again attached one cable at time making sure the cable is on the correct color order.


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