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Which Blackberry Curve LCD Version Do I Have?

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Which Version of LCD Do I Have on my Blackberry?

There are many LCD versions available for most Blackberry models, all of which are not cross compatible. So how do you know which one you need for you specific model / carrier?

The foolproof way of determining the LCD version is to disassemble your Blackberry and check the LCD# for the correct version. This is the most accurate and reliable way of getting the version of LCD you phone is currently using.

Although it may sound like a pain to disassemble your Blackberry, most are surprisingly simple. RepairsUniverse provides take apart guides for all major models, so you can easily and safely check the LCD #.

Below is a video guide that walks you through common locations of the LCD #, in turn, providing you with the LCD version. The specific model of the video is a Curve 8520, however, every other model is nearly identical.




NOTE: The LCD # is commonly etched into the metal, making it very difficult to see under low light conditions.

The two most common places to find the LCD version on your Blackberry is either the back of the LCD screen or on the front, behind the small metal bezel. If there appears to be no LCD # in these locations, there are a few other, less used areas.

  • Under adhesive pads / stickers - This is fairly common. Adhesive has been placed over the version #. Be sure to check under adhesive / stickers.
  • The sides of the LCD screen - This is usually etched into the bezel, however has been seen printed under neither the bezel and on the LCD screen's side.

Once the LCD # has been located, use the last six (6) digits, which are based in a ***/*** format. This is the version number. The last step will be to order the correct screen. Be sure the #'s are the same. Even one number difference will normally cause a blank screen when installed. Be sure to ask questions before you place the order by emailing our sales team or using our instant chat feature.

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