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Cracked | Broken | Damaged iPod Touch Screen 2G

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Cracked or damaged your iPod Touch 2G? Having an issues viewing your display due to a LCD issue, or is the touch screen cracked? These common issues can easily be resolved when using the correct tools to fix them. The repair process is very simple on the iPod Touch 2nd generation, allowing nearly anyone to perform the repair.

Repairing your iPod Touch 2G has never been easier, simply watch the videos below and determine which screen you need to replace. From there you can order the parts required and get them shipped out the same day in most cases so you can replace a cracked, damaged, or broken screen on your iPod Touch 2nd gen.

How To Fix Your iPod Touch 2G

Follow the guides below to learn how to fix your damaged LCD screen or touch screen and get your iPod Touch 2nd Gen looking like new again!

How To Fix iPod Touch 2G Touch Screen

How To Repair iPod Touch 2G LCD

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