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How To Remove Stripped Screw

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Have you stripped a screw during your repair? Repairs Universe can provide you with multiple ways to safely remove a stripped screw, allowing you full access to repair your device. There are several methods of removing a stripped screw, some more effective than others.

  1. Our first suggested method will be to use a thin rubber band over the head of the screw. The rubber from the band will give you the extra grip to remove the screw. Place the band over the head of the screw and begin unscrewing while applying a lot of pressure. This works great for many larger Torx screws and Phillips screws.

  2. Screw extractors are the most effective way to remove a stripped screw, we have found. Finding a small enough screw extractor for your phone may be difficult however, and high quality extractors are not exactly inexpensive. However, if you work with many small devices, a screw extractor set would be highly recommended.

  3. Another way to remove the screw will be to use a drill with a small bit to remove the head and drill through the shaft of the screw. With the correct size you can do this while leaving the threads intact, eventually disintegrating into the screw hole. This method requires a very steady hand and the screw location to be in an insensitive area such as the housing (not the motherboard i.e.).

  4. If the screw is very stripped you can likely use a small flat head screwdriver to remove the screw. Many times the stripped screw will still have enough edges to jam a flat head and remove the screw while pressing down heavily.

  5. A dermal is often used on many larger screws, in cooperation with the 4th method, to cut a large "slice" into the head of the screw. You can then use a flat head to easily remove the screw.

  6. Needle nose pliers are often very useful when attempting to extract a stripped screw. If the head is slightly lifted, you may be able to grip the screw and spin it out that way.

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