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iPod Screens Can Easily Break -- Make Sure You Protect Them!

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Whether people believe that companies make devices to withstand drops to the floor or they simply don't think they'll ever drop their iPod, the fact is that both of those assumptions are false. Companies like Apple may try to give their creations a bit of resistance, but because iPod screens are glass, once dropped, there is a good chance that they can chip, crack, and easily break. As for people believing they'll never drop their iPod, as careful as you may be when handling your iPod, you are bound to slip and drop it once or twice. You're only human.

In the end, iPod screens can easily break, especially if you are out jogging and drop it onto the pavement or sidewalk. Hard surfaces and a long fall don't mesh well with an iPod. So what can you do to help protect your iPod? Repairs Universe carries a wide selection not only of replacement screens should it become damaged, but we also carry a range of protective products in order to help give your iPod screen a longer life.

Protector guards at Repairs Universe are inexpensive and are super easy to use. Depending upon your type of iPod (Touch, Nano, etc.), you can find the sort of guard you want. If you just want to help protect the screen from scratches, dust, and other outside elements, you can buy a simple guard that uses a self-adhering method to stick to iPod screens without using any actual substances and leaving behind no residues should you decide to remove it. Or you can obtain a guard that nestles perfectly over the screen of your device.

The guards you find are always the best possible. Some are slightly thicker than others for even more protective power. The majority of the products you will find are dust resistant, waterproof, and even washable so you always have a crystal clear image shining through the protector. They are all scratch-resistant, so when you accidentally drop your iPod on the ground, the guard will protect the screen from anything that threatens to scratch the screen, saving your iPod from damage and saving you from repairing it.

Protecting your iPod means protecting your investment. You owe it to yourself to keep it in good shape and safe from scratches and cracks. A protector gives iPod screens a second chance after they've been dropped to the ground. Many people overlook such a simple idea and find themselves with broken screens, unsure of what to do with an otherwise perfectly good iPod (here's a hint ? Repairs Universe also sells replacement screens!). But a guard can keep your iPod in working condition without any unwanted scratches or cracks. They're easy to apply and can be purchased at great prices.

So check us out and see what else we can offer you. You're sure to find the exact protector you need for your particular iPod. We make sure to pay close attention not only to the type of iPod but also its particular generation for the best fit possible of guard to device. After all, wouldn't you rather spend $2.99 on a protective screen than $200 or more on a brand new iPod?

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