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iPad Screen Replacements for Schools

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

As technology changes, so do those using technology, and schools are no different. First it was pen and paper, then the slow change to using desktop computers occurred. Over time, as laptops became more accessible and affordable, schools began to switch to this type of computer to allow their students an easy way to do research and write reports. When iPads first became available, schools weren't apt to use them - since they don't have a keyboard, schools would be unable to teach typical typing skills, etc.

Now, however, with the growth in the love of all things Apple, many schools have begun to make the switch to iPads in the place of computers. This is particularly true for students at the high school level, but even some elementary and middle schools have begun to use iPads for schoolwork. With docking stations and keyboards for iPads becoming available, it makes iPads a better option for schools than ever before. Many schools are beginning to make the switch from traditional laptop to the iPad because of the wide variation of available applications. When schools switch from laptop computers to iPads, the students will not lose any accessibility to information - iPads offer the same ability to type documents, create presentations, do research on the Internet, etc. as traditional notebook computers. IPads take it to the next level, however, providing students with access to Apple applications that aren't available on traditional computers. Many of these programs can be used in keeping track of classroom work, taking notes, studying, and much more. 

As schools begun to consider using iPads for students, the cost was of course the first consideration. A new iPad costs more than a new laptop, and schools need to provide them for many students. With many schools experiencing budget cuts, the expense must be considered. But many schools have determined that over time, the cost of the iPads could be the same or even lower than using laptops for students. When a laptop becomes damaged, it is often hard to find replacement parts such as a screen. An iPad's screen or other damaged part, however, is much more affordable and feasible to replace than a repair on a damaged laptop. This is particularly true when you order at Repairs Universe, as we offer all school iPad replacement parts at a lower cost than most competitors. Not only that, but we offer quick shipping so that students will be able to use their repaired iPad again as quickly as possible. 

To meet the increasing demand of school iPad repair parts, we are also offering the option for purchase orders. We can help your school keep all student iPads in perfect working condition for years to come, allowing students the access to unlimited applications and information for optimal learning conditions.

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